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Our latest review and what ‘Just a Card’ means to us…

Our business started over two years ago, we started selling a few invitations & save the dates on Etsy, Since then we have launched our own website and have expanded into producing personalised greeting cards, Our Etsy shop still remains a very important part of our business and since 2017 we have been delighted to receive a number of 5 star reviews

Our latest review really brought a smile to my face as it sums up exactly why we started the business in the first place and what it is all about…

All of our greeting cards are personalised, unique & individually handmade ”not like a shop card” to get this kind of feedback is special and I doubt anyone really feels compelled to take the time to write such a review on a mass produced card! We are so grateful to receive such praise and happy that our work is appreciated, although it is just a card, it is one of a kind and reminds us of what the ‘just a card‘ campaign is all about

This is a card similar to the one mentioned in the review and is available on our online shop, why not consider taking the time to order a handmade, personalised card for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding and support a small, independent business, each sale however small or large is appreciated in a way a supermarket purchase can never be.

Ashley Higgins Design
Just a card

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